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Unfortunately, there is a stigma associated with mental illness which leads people to suffer in silence, and this happens both inside and outside the Church. The responses to someone with depression in the church however is problematic to say the least. In my own experience as I was walking through periods of depression in my life, I had been told things like “God will carry you through”, “You just need a little more faith”, “It’s just a season”, “Just pray more”, and so on. This only sent me further into my depression to the point where I began to believe that I was the problem and I started to question my own salvation.

UNTIL, yes until I found Therapy. Now I understand what the Bible means when it says, "Faith without works is dead - James 2:26" I was praying, hoping and wishing my depression away but God wanted me to #dothework! He wanted me to heal the pain of my past so I could embrace my future, but I needed a professional to guide me and walk me through the process. I am grateful that Jesus led me to Therapy! Part of my mission now is to break the stigma.

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